May 29, 2012

Buttons You Can’t Click

There is nothing like an itch you can’t scratch. Wait, yes there is—there are buttons you can’t click.

You’re ready to proceed but the button you want to click looks disabled and then YOU have to do something. This is bad enough, but ALSO: You don’t know what to do. They leave you there in the middle of the Internet, standing in front of a locked door, and they don’t tell you what the password is. Or even whether you need a password, a key, a smile, or a dandelion. You think that this is just the way life is. You look for a dandelion. And then, out of the blues, you see this ray of sunshine on—it’s a button you CAN click.

Wait, no it’s not—it’s a button that LOOKS like you can click it but then when you go to click it, it appears disabled and they tell you what you need to do in order to proceed.

So why does this make me happy? Well, just because they’ve told me what I need to do in order to proceed. There is no wandering around in the dark. I was on a path the whole time, and Amazon was my tour guide. I’m a happy tourist. So much happier than if I had been greeted like this:



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