Apr 25, 2012

Porta-Potties and Four-a-Potties

On Saturday, it was sunny. I went to Dolores Park like everyone else, drank beer like everyone else, and then I had to pee like everyone else. Except that I don’t have to pee like everyone else—I’m a guy and half of the everybody elses are gals. They have to open a door and sit down and I just need a tree. But since all of the trees were taken up by the slackliners, I had to wait in line like everyone else for a Porta-Potty. Even though the lines were set up correctly, I was annoyed. Isn’t there some way that this process can be made faster? I have to pee.

Someone in Holland must have had a similar thought because they invented this, a Porta-Potty that is 4 urinals. Call it a four-a-potty. This means that the guy collective can pee 4 times as fast, and it’s good for the gals as well because half the people in front of them in line will leave that line to get in line for the four-a-potty.

The Australians like a bit more privacy.

And it looks like there are even four-a-potty urinals for women. Those Europeans.

Four-a-potties rock! San Francisco, please bring one of these to Dolores Park on the next sunny beery day.

(Special thanks to Ali Spagnola for the free thumbnail art!)



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