Jan 11, 2012

CTRL + ALT + DEL = ?

Sometimes at work, I leave my desk and come back to see that someone has made my life a little more difficult for no apparent reason. I come back, sit down, and see this:

I have to “Press Ctrl-Alt-Delete to begin.”

What am I, a pianist?! I hear no music. Who makes these crazy rules? Why doesn’t it just let me hit any key I want and then ask me for my password? What calls for these acrobatics? Or, perhaps more to the point, who?

Microsoft, I want an answer.

They actually give one:

“To log on, hold down the Ctrl and Alt keys, then press the Delete key. This key combination is recognized only by Windows, so pressing it before logging on ensures that you are giving your password only to Windows.”

“This applies only to your Windows or domain password. Passwords associated with Web pages or specific programs will not require you to press Ctrl-Alt-Delete.”



Can’t it just be like this?



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