Apr 26, 2011

Don’t die typing ‘Aristotle’! OR How to Save a Little Time in Microsoft Word

If you’re like me, then you don’t like doing anything that you don’t have to. I want my shoes to be secured on my feet without having to tie any shoelaces, I want the lights to turn on without having to flip any switches, and I want my toothbrush to do the brushing part for me. Who wouldn’t? That’s why I like Microsoft Word. You heard me. I like Microsoft Word because it automatically corrects my typos—for example, it changes ‘teh’ to the intended ‘the’—and, with some coaxing, it finishes my sentences for me. Well, to be precise, it finishes my words for me. No one likes to waste time. Time is life and who would want to waste life? Not me. So why waste even the time that it takes to type the word ‘the’ when instead of typing three letters you could be typing just one?

I want to share a trick with you that my friend, Peter, showed me in college. He was taking notes and I noticed that he could type the word ‘Aristotle’ a lot faster than I could. He typed ‘aa’ and it magically changed into ‘Aristotle’. Magic! I love magic! He had cunningly added some additional words to Word’s auto-correct list, so that as well as automatically changing ‘teh’ to ‘the’, it now also automatically changed ‘aa’ to ‘Aristotle’. I thought, “Awesome! Now I won’t die typing the word ‘Aristotle’!”. Now perhaps you’re thinking that you don’t type the word ‘Aristotle’ all that often—no problem, you (u) can still save time (ti) by putting other (ot) words into Word. I put in things (ths) like (lk) this:

u = you
ur = you’re
yr = your
w = with
wo = without
bc = because
hv = have
imp = important
cd = could
wd = would
sh = should
cdn = couldn’t
sm = some
th = thing
ths = things
sth = something
ath = anything
eth = everything

This saves me a lot of time.

wt = what
wd = would
u = you
rth = rather
type? = type?

Pretty cool, huh?


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