Feb 28, 2011

Blinded from the Side

I’m a big fan of the gal or guy who made that flippy switch on my rear view mirror so that when the car behind me has their high beams on, or just has really bright headlights, I can flip the switch and my eyes can sing, “La la la,” to the brightness behind me that has now been dimmed thanks to this Magic Switch. Thank you, Inventor of the Magic Switch!

Now, I don’t mean to sound ungrateful—because I’m not, but I’m just going to throw this into the World’s Suggestion Box since it’s not full yet: I have no idea how magic things work but it seems to me that the Magic Switch that’s on my central rear view mirror could be magically placed on my side rear view mirrors too and that I might be able to control them magically from inside my car, so that the bright headlights of the cars in my side rear view mirrors could be magically dimmed as well. Again, I’m not ungrateful—I’m just not understanding so well the limits of magic. I would like magic everywhere. Left, right, and center. Please.




  • jeff lee says:

    hey mitch, what a great proposition for non-luxury cars. luxury cars now have auto-dimmers that magically detect hpw much light is hitting the mirror & dims itself accordingly. most cars that have this application have it applied to both rear and side view mirrors. however, civics & corollas have yet to afford such technology. a magic flippy switch for my sideview mirror would be awesome. -jeff

    • Hi Jeff – Yes, I’ve heard that they have that feature in luxury cars. My complaint is directed at my 1995 Honda Civic. :) My center mirror has the Magic Switch, so I can dim my center mirror. My side mirrors don’t, but I can adjust my side view mirrors from the inside of my car, so all they would have had to do is put that special mirror on my side view mirrors too and then I could dim them too by pointing them downwards whenever I was being blinded.

  • Jeff jang says:

    Hey Mitch,

    Nice subject…. I’ve always had much “darker” solution. Once my car detected that a car in back had either “high beams” on or “maladjusted” lights, my mirrors would adjust temporarily to direct the light back into their eyes!! I know it’s dangerous, I know it’s inappropriate, but it has crossed my mind… How else would they know?

    jeff jang