Dec 2, 2010

Why am I standing on the shower drain?

Many shower spaces are square. And in these many square shower spaces, the drain is usually right smack dab in the middle of the floor. And so are my feet. So I find myself standing in the middle of the shower space with water falling on me and my sweet bare feet—which are trying to get and stay clean—are finding themselves uncomfortably close to where all the dirty dirt drains.

I guess I could move. I could stand in the corner and point the water toward me in the corner and just have my shower over in the corner. But that seems kind of silly.

I’d much rather have the person who made the shower put the drain off to the side.

Or better yet, put the drain in the corner.

You might worry that if the water drained to the corner, then the surface that you’re standing on would be tilted asymmetrically and feel awkward.

But the water doesn’t have to drain like that. The water could drain like this so that you weren’t standing on an asymmetrically tilted surface.

Are you listening, Person Who Makes Showers??