Dec 15, 2010

The Center Seatbelt

© Mitchell Joe 2010

We’ve all been there. In the back seat. Trying to be safe. Putting our seatbelts on, and then Wham! It doesn’t click fastened. Why? Because we’re sitting on the side, and that buckle belongs to The Center Seatbelt. Oh.

No, wait, I’m sorry. I don’t get it. Why again?

I’m going to pretend that I am as naïve as the tourist that I am on this matter. What makes The Center Seatbelt so stinking special that it gets its own special buckle? Why can’t I just find a belt and find a buckle? What if the car were speeding along when I realized that I didn’t have my seatbelt on and then I noticed that we were about to crash and as I put my seatbelt into a buckle it didn’t click and then the car crashed and I was flying through the air with my seatbelt in one hand and an incompatible buckle in the other? What then?

I doubt that there is any good reason for this incompatibility but I will give The Car People the benefit of the doubt because I’m sure they must have thought that there was some good reason to do this. No one would go through the trouble of making seatbelt buckles incompatible with each other for no good reason…would they?



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